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Adolescent Interactive Group Therapy

CCYSB has long used action methods in its group work with adolescents (ages 14-18), addressing anger, depression, substance use, difficulty with impulse control and a variety of other developmental and co-occurring issues. We incorporate creative methods that help teens practice life situations, using role play and acting to express, communicate, and solve problems. Often, teens are able to use these methods to make changes and improvements in their behaviors, emotions, and relationships. Each adolescent group is led by two licensed, experienced therapists, who enjoy working with teens! We strive to model teamwork and encourage healthy interaction in the group setting.

Group enrollment begins with an initial full diagnostic evaluation. Qualified assessors determine group appropriateness and fit, while gathering important background information, and details on presenting issues and goals for treatment.

Those in need of more intensive services can attend more than one group per week. Assessors and group therapists will assist you with the development of this plan. Psychiatric services are available to those actively enrolled in group services.

All Groups meet weekly, operate on rolling admissions, and are limited to enrollment of 8-10 clients per group.

Program Director

Kate Swisher Lee, LCPC

People Cared For

Adolescents ages 14-18

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