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Elementary Intervention Program

The Elementary Intervention Program evolved out of the Suicide Intervention Program in an effort to support school counselors working with students who exhibit emotional and behavioral challenges specific to early childhood development. Students may have spoken of suicide and/or self-harm and often have significant mental health needs or psychosocial stressors that are impacting their school experience. We collaborate with school counselors and the family to develop a plan of care that will address the student’s needs and support the family. This program also provides clinical consultation groups for the school counselors to address behavioral health themes presenting in the elementary population. The clinical collaboration is the cornerstone of this approach, promoting a coordinated effort to serving at-risk elementary students and providing clinical intervention strategies for school personnel.

The Elementary Intervention Program is a CCPS Initiative and not part of CCYSB's continuum of services, therefore, referrals to this program are accepted from CCPS only.

Program Director

Bobby Jarrett, LCPC

People Cared For

Children enrolled in K-5th Grades through CCPS

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