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Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT)

Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) is a short-term, problem-focused, evidence-based model which serves youth (6-18 years-old) and their families. BSFT serves children with conduct problems, problematic family relationships, substance use, oppositional and defiant behavior, delinquency, aggressive & violent behavior, risky sexual behavior, and anti-social peer involvement. BSFT focuses on problematic interactions within the family, replacing them with healthier interactions.

This model of therapy involves the entire family in counseling sessions and focuses on changing the way family members interact so that positive relationships are strengthened, and negative behaviors are reduced. BSFT is based on the assumption that the family is the most important and influential system in the lives of children, that each family is unique, and that the behavior of each member can be understood only by considering the family context in which it occurs.

BSFT is a strategic approach that uses pragmatic, problem-focused, and planned interventions that improve relationships in the family and helps parents develop strong, consistent, and effective parenting skills. It is a flexible approach that can be adopted to a broad range of family situations in a variety of settings. Current data shows that BSFT has led to a significant level of improvement in 89% of the families served in the program. Referrals are screened by a trained BSFT therapist to ensure that the presenting issues are appropriate for the model. Typically, families have a successful termination within 6 months, or up to 24 sessions.

The Carroll County Youth Service Bureau is licensed as a Brief Strategic Family Therapy © (BSFT©) Provider. As part of this license, CCYSB receives BSFT training, supervision, and adherence/fidelity monitoring from the Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami.

**The use of evidence-based interventions aligns with our agency's vision to be the foremost mental health provider for youth, adults, and families in Carroll County by providing innovative, culturally sensitive, and highly-effective treatment. CCYSB curently uses five treatments which are evidence-based models requiring fidelity to the model.

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