Safe & Stable Parent-Child-Interaction-Therapy (PCIT)

PCIT is an empirically supported treatment for young children (ages 1-7) with disruptive behaviors. PCIT integrates concepts from social learning theory, traditional play therapy, and attachment theory to enhance the parent-child relationship, increase children’s pro-social behaviors, and increase the parent’s behavior-management skills.

PCIT Consists of 2 Parts:

  1. Relationship Enhancement
    • Parents are coached on how to decrease the negative aspects of their relationship with their child and how to develop consistently positive and supportive patterns of communication.
  2. Discipline
    • In the discipline component of the program, parents are coached on the use of effective discipline and child management skills. In both components of the program, parents are given the opportunity to practice their new skills during treatment sessions until mastery is reached and the child’s behavior has improved.


Program Requirements:

    • Families that have a child between the ages of 2- to 7-years-old
    • Children 12-24 months old can be screened for the relationship enhancement building phase
    • Children currently living with one or both parents (including foster or adoptive parents)
    • Children with behavioral problems at home, school, daycare or pre-school



**The use of evidence-based interventions aligns with our agency’s vision to be the foremost mental health provider for youth, adults, and families in Carroll County by providing innovative, culturally sensitive, and highly-effective treatment. CCYSB curently uses five treatments which are evidence-based models requiring fidelity to the model.