Carroll County Youth Service Bureau

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CCYSB Staff Directory

Agency Main Numbers:
Local: 410-848-2500
Toll Free: 1-888-588-8441
Agency Fax: 410-876-3016
ACT Program Fax: 410-848-7870


Lynn Davis, LCPC
Executive Director
Phone: 443-244-8649

Joyce Agatone, LCSW-C

Clinical Director of Behavioral Health Services
and Fee-Based Services
Phone: 443-244-8640

George James, M.D.

Medical Director and Psychiatrist 
Phone: 443-244-8656
ACT Program Fax: 410-848-7870



Damian Ayichi, Ph.D, PMNHP-BC
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Phone: 443-244-8135

Janna Cleary, CRNP-PMH
Clinic Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner 
Phone: 443-244-8670

Phoebe Underwood-Davis, CRNP-PMH
ACT Nurse Practitioner
Phone: 443-244-8286



Alycia Chapman, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist 
Phone: 443-244.8798


Shari Bowman, LCSW-C
Director of Assertive Community Treatment Program (ACT)
Phone: 443-244-8691

Angela Chmar, LCSW-C

BSFT Program Director, Supervisor & Therapist
and Clinic Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8647

Robert Jarrett, LCPC
CCPS Initiatives Program Director,
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Team Leader,
Clinic Therapist & Field Instructor and
Suicide and Violence Intervention Programs
Phone: 443-244-8657

Tiffany Masimore, LCSW-C
Connecting Youth and Family Engagement Program Director,
BSFT Therapist and Suicide Intervention
Program Assessor & Consultant 
Phone: 443-244-8689

Mallory Sutphin, LCPC

Program Director of Family Preservation,
Intern Training Program Director,
Certified BSFT Therapist and Clinic Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8642

Kate Swisher Lee, LCPC

Program Director of Substance Use Services & Clinic Therapist
Lead Therapist for Interactive Group Therapy
Phone: 443-244-8682

Mindy Yard, LCPC

Program Director of Early Childhood Services
PCIT Trainer, Supervisor and Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8686



Vickie Amrhein
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 443-244-8680

Julie Anton, LCSW-C

Assistant ACT Program Director
Phone: 443-244-8645

Christopher Atkins, B.A.

ACT Case Manager
Phone: 443-244-8661

Hannah Barber, LMSW
Engagement Manager,
Connecting Youth in Carroll County Program
Phone: 443-244-8658

Jennifer Bell
ACT Employment Specialist
Phone: 443-244-8662

Kim Birckhead
Facility Manager
Phone: 443-244-8666

Jodi Bonner
ACT Housing Specialist/Case Manager
Phone: 443-244-8646

Nadia Brannon, LMSW-M
Gateway & Clinic Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8121

Crystal Brust
ACT Case Manager 
Phone: 443-244-8797

Brooke Chenoweth, MSW
Family Preservation Case Manager
Phone: 443-244-8123

Damarcus Coleman, LMSW
Clinical Youth Case Manager and Therapist,
Connecting Youth in Carroll County Program
Phone: 443-244-8128

Sayword Cordon

Receptionist & Administrative Assistant
Phone: 443-244-8696

Brenda Cottrell
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 443-244-8652

Sharon Crabbs
Director of Billing
Phone: 443-244-8648

Kellee Craig, LMSW
Family Preservation Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8136

Hollie Cushen, LCSW-C
Family Preservation Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8672

Molly Dolan
Director of Philanthropy
Phone: 443-244-8664

Heidi Dorsey, RN
ACT Registered Nurse 
Phone: 443-244-8285

Ashly Ebeling, LCSW-C
ACT Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8137

Stephanie Fisher
Receptionist & Administrative Assistant 
Phone: 443-244-8651

Debbie Franck, RN
ACT Registered Nurse
Phone: 443-244-8289

Amanda Gibbons, LMSW

Therapist and Case Manager,
Connecting Youth in Carroll County Program
Phone: 443-244-8688

Rachel Greenberg, LCPC

Co-Occurring Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8641

Sandra Hansborough, LCSW-C
Clinical Assessor & Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8281

Robin Harlan, LCPC

Clinical Assessor and
Certified DBT and Clinic Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8695

Vicky Hart
ACT Administrative Assistant 
Phone: 443-244-8283

Shelbi Helton
Receptionist & Administrative Assistant 
Phone: 443-244-8693

Ricky Hooper, LPN
ACT Nurse
Phone: 443-244-8644

Kelsey Hulteng

ACT Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
Phone: 443-244-8643

Caren Jagoda
Grants Manager 
Phone: 443-244-8698

Caroline Kelly, LMSW
Clinic Therapist 
Phone: 443-244-8650

Dana Kemp, LCPC, NCC
Clinic Therapist 
Phone: 443-244-8282

Jamie Klein, LMSW
ACT Therapist 
Phone: 443-244-8660

Joanne Krantz

Human Resources Assistant
Phone: 443-244-8280

Jessica Lokey

Office Manager
Phone: 443-244-8676

Andie Luchini

Director of Donor Relations, Marketing,
Events and Community Outreach
Office: 443-244-8139

Carrie Medlin
Assistant Billing Director and
EHR System & Application Specialist
Phone: 443-244-8690

Sarah Roden, LGPC
CPP Supervisor & Therapist,
and Clinic & PCIT Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8127

Matthew Roe
Video & Audio Technician
Phone: 443-244-8669

Emily Roys, HS-BCP

Lead Referral-Intake Coordinator
Phone: 443-244-8694

Emily Ruff, LGPC

E-SMART Mental Health Consultant,
CPP Therapist, Judy Center Clinician,
and PCIT Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8125

Madeleine Ryan, MPA

Director of Operations
Phone: 443-244-8674

Janet Sanders, LPN

ACT Nurse
Phone: 443-244-8665

Jessica Sifers, BSW
Engagement Manager,
Family Engagement Program
Phone: 443-244-8131

Adria Soper, BS
E-SMART Family Navigator
Phone: 443-244-8687

Marie Speck, LCSW-C
Fee-Based Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8679

Jill Sturm, LCSW-C
PCIT Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8681

Cheryl Trent

Assistant Office Manager
Phone: 443-244-8684

Wendy Trostle

Financial Administrator
Phone: 443-244-8663

Carla Trump, LCSW-C

Family Preservation & Clinic Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8683

Morgan Tyler

Engagement Manager,
Connecting Youth in Carroll County Program
Phone: 443-244-8120

Sarah Tyler, LCSW-C
ACT Mental Health/Substance Specialist
Phone: 443-244-8667

Kathy Weber

ACT Program Assistant
Phone: 443-244-8677

Paige Wendler, BSW
Family Preservation Case Manager 
Phone: 443-244-8673

Kaitlin Widerman, LCPC
Clinic Therapist
Phone: 443-244-8692

Rebecca Williamson
Family Preservation Case Manager and
Suicide Prevention Coordinator 
Phone: 443-244-8654

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